Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tabata Protocol Soundtrack MP3

I've recently become interested in the Tabata Protocol ( See 1, 2, and 3.) I tried to use a number of Tabata Protocol apps in Android, but all the apps I tried required the Android phone to not be in locked screen mode. If you are in locked screen mode, then these apps won't properly tell you when to start and stop running. If you're running while holding an Android phone, you clearly need to be able to lock the screen, otherwise your grip on the phone will punch all sorts of buttons or turn off the app.

What about the tried and true method? The mp3. Thankfully, you can play an mp3 on an Android phone with the screen locked. Now, I couldn't just generate one mp3 manually in Audacity. I had to completely solve the problem for everyone who wants to create a timing or HIIT mp3 with any combination of starts and stops with any kind of spacing between them.

BEHOLD! The Tabata Protocol Soundtrack generator!

This little web page will generate a HIIT soundtrack or a Tabata Protocol soundtrack according to your specification. If you simply go to the page and click the generate button, you'll get the classic Tabata Protocol timing that Mr. Tabata himself used whilst doing his study.

Shoot me some feedback in the comments if you find it useful.